Global Fund Results Report:
Tremendous progress and the need to step up mobilisation


On Monday, 18 September 2023, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria released its report on the 2022 results of programs to fight the three diseases. The publication highlights the clear progress made as programs work to rebound from the impact of Covid-19.

The Global Fund partnership has saved 59 million lives since its launch in 2002 and provided a record high of $5.2 billion to programs in more than 120 countries in 2022. In 2022, 24.5 million people received antiretroviral treatment (ARV), 6.7 million people with tuberculosis were treated, and 220 million impregnated mosquito nets were distributed. Since the creation of the Global Fund twenty years ago, combined mortality from HIV, tuberculosis and malaria has fallen by 55%.

The deployment of innovative healthcare products has contributed to the sharp increase in the number of lives saved. This includes expanded access to new pediatric ARVs, the roll-out of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), novel anti-tuberculosis treatment regimens, and the latest generation of insecticide-treated mosquito nets. In a context hampered by multiple crises, the Global Fund has demonstrated its agility, speed, and flexibility to innovate and accelerate its efforts, so as not to lose sight of the goal of putting an end to the three pandemics by 2030.

« The Global Fund’s results are proof of the extreme effectiveness of this organization, which operates in close collaboration with its governmental, institutional, community, technical and scientific partners. The links it forges with every stakeholder enable it to respond as closely as possible to the needs of patients, to strengthen health systems, and to promote human rights and gender equality », said Hélène Berger, Executive Director of Friends of the Global Fund Europe.

Despite the extraordinary progress achieved, the Global Fund warns that the world is still off track towards the global goals to eliminate the three diseases by 2030. Covid-19 has severely undermined the fight against tuberculosis, while climate change is one of the reasons for the all-too-slight decline in malaria mortality.

Source: Global Fund 2023 Results Report


Hélène Berger added: « The Global Fund has the expertise to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in the fight against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, and more generally for good health for all. But to accelerate progress even further, the entire international community must be mobilized. Friends of the Global Fund Europe calls on European governments to mobilize even more to keep the promises made to future generations of a world free of HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. »

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