Our principles and values

Friends Europe shares the founding values of the Global Fund: a partnership focusing on performance and the quality of results, accountable advocacy, equity and transparency in all its operations.


Our actions concentrate on the fight against the three diseases and on the work of the Global Fund, both of which being part of the global health debate, and on the necessary reinforcement of national health systems.

They involve interested public or private partners from the political or civil society sphere, regardless of their methods of intervention in the field of public health.

Performance and quality of results

Our actions range from research to programme implementation and evaluation and aim at clearly identifying the various issues in the fight against the three pandemics, and the roles of international organisations and their partners in this endeavour, and more generally in favour of global health.

Accountable advocacy

Our actions involve all partners to encourage the expression of their opinions and reflection on the fight against the three pandemics and to foster debate and confrontations that have beneficial effects on the conception and implementation of innovative actions in favour of the fight against the three diseases.

Equity and transparency

Our actions promote access to treatments, access to care of the most vulnerable people, including women and children, and more generally, a rights-based approach.

They also intend to demonstrate the impact of actions against the three pandemics in terms of reinforcing community-based and health systems, governance structures as well as their positive social outcomes on education, on the economic well-being of individuals and families, on the private sector and national economies at large, but also as regards gender equality, strengthening women’s capacity or the protection and security of populations.

Our objectives

Friends Europe pursues four principal objectives :

  • Raising awareness of States, political decision-makers, civil society, the public opinion and the media as regards challenges in combating the three pandemics globally, and in terms of their contribution to global health ;

  • Informing stakeholders on the strategy, action and results reached by the Global Fund, as well as on its funding sources and contribution to the fight against the three epidemics, and to reinforcing health systems ;
  • Supporting and increasing financial resources dedicated to fighting the three pandemics, through the Global Fund in particular, and promoting innovative funding for development and global health ;
  • Mobilising public and private sector stakeholders as well as encouraging the development of public – private partnerships in favour of global health and in the fight against three pandemics.