By reinstating the Global Gag Rule 101 on January 22, President Donald Trump directs the Secretary of State, the Administrator of USAID and the Secretary of Health and Human Services to take all necessary actions, to the extent allowable by law, to ensure that federal US public resources will not fund any organization or program supporting or participating in the management of coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization.

Consequently, any non-governmental US organization financed by federal funds, not only for family planning but also for global health, HIV / AIDS and maternal and child health may not provide nor promote services relevant to abortion or providing abortion as a method of family planning, nor inform nor advocate for such measures on both US and foreign soil. This prohibition applies to the entire activity of these organizations regardless of their source of funding. Should these organizations not comply with these prescriptions, they would lose all the resources from federal US funds, including those dedicated to the provision of condoms or modern contraceptives for women.
Those restrictions deny the major effects of sexual and reproductive health on women’s health, global health and development.

Consequently, Friends of the Global Fund Europe denounced this law in a statement sent to French MPs, urging the international community to mobilize additional resources to continuously and sustainably provide all women and girls with the indispensable services that guarantee health, autonomy and rights.

Download the statement (in English)