The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted at the UN summit in New York in 2015 is a pact on the world’s future, intended to enable all people in the world to live a life of dignity in a world without poverty and inequalities; an agenda which aims to transform our world in the next 15 years. 

But how can these ambitious ideas be put into action? 

Stefano vella, vice Chair of Friends of the Global Fund Europe has been invited on 15th of September 2016 at the TEDxMünchenSalon ( to talk about dreams, ideas and actions that we all can take to make the 2030 goals achievable and sustainable.

In his presentation « From Aids to Global Health”, Stefano – through personal memories – talked about the history of Aids and the transformative power the AIDS movement had in understanding health inequalities and in putting together scientists, clinicians, governments, politicians, international organizations, economists, NGOs and the community of patients, with the idea that the advancements of biology and medicine cannot be reserved to small numbers of privileged human beings. 

In other words, he explained how the HIV response can today lead the way to an Healthy World.