Stefano Vella, one of the best-known infectiologists in Italy, university professor and vice-president for Italy of the Friends of the Global Fund Europe, explains what Global Health is, ranging from the causes of inequalities in health (particularly between rich and poor countries, but also between population groups within the same countries) to One Health (the interconnection between human and animal health and therefore ecosystems), from the AIDS deniers who proliferated in South Africa at the time of President Thabo Mbeki to today’s fake news about Covid-19, from the anti-AIDS activist movement to the concept of public good.

With an engaging and simple narrative, Professor Vella explains the concept of preparedness, in other words, how to be ready for potential future pandemics with effective alert systems (…. this time it is clear that we were not ready at all!) and tells us what is happening today in the poorest countries of the world with Covid vaccinations.

He tells us about access to treatment, voluntary licensing and how antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) have become accessible to all, even in the poorest countries of the world, thanks to organizations such as the Global Fund, and therefore how the example of the fight against AIDS and the Global Fund can be an important lesson for today and for the future.

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